Human Biology & Society


Regina, also known as “Gina,” was born in the city of El Centro (where the sun spends the winter). Regina likes to tell people who visit the city–which is rare–that they will always receive an extra “warm welcoming” because a nice day in El Centro is in the low 100’s. Regina later moved to the beautiful city of Tustin, California where she built some amazing friendships (shout out to Cristin and Scott Weir). Although Regina does not plan on pursuing a career in law, she does plan on always debating, defending, and challenging others. Regina hopes that she can continue to develop these passions while being on the mock trial team. Regina also hopes she will be able to bring her long time experience of being an attorney in her household to the team.  Regina would like to thank her siblings for that one…*cough cough* In her spare time, you can find Regina running through the mountains, playing pick-up basketball at Hitch, spending time with all the young ones in her family and staying involved with the University Catholic Center. In the future, Regina dreams of becoming a nurse in the prisons. She hopes to live out a mission where she can serve marginalized communities: juveniles, prisoners, minorities, homeless individuals, etc. Regina is beyond excited about Mock Trial this year and hopes to “spread a little love” to the team and build some lasting friendships.